We're getting married!


We've set up this web site to provide information and hopefully save some headaches.

If you are reading this message, you are a friend or family member so I would first like to thank you for visiting this site. If you don't know a single thing about the Chatan (Groom) or the Kallah (Bride), you can click on our names and get to know us better.



Curious as to how we met? Dying to know how we got engaged?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Yes Virginia, there really is a wedding to go to:

The wedding is set for June 21, 1998. It is going to be held at the Fairfield Radisson in underwhelming Fairfield, NJ on Route 46 East. Just seconds away from the Willowbrook Mall, Wayne Cineplex featuring 10 screens and the Versailles Diner (would you have expected anything less from a wedding in New Jersey?).


If you would like to get us a gift and aren't sure what exactly to get, then just check out our registry: Fortunoff's. If you do not live in the NY/NJ area and for some reason are dying to get a copy of the list, you can call 1-800-Fortunoff.

Here's a list of things we don't need

Jewish Stuff

Miles and I are having a traditional Jewish wedding, which means it will be chock full of ritual that you may not be familiar with. I suggest the following sites to read up on weddings:

A description of traditional weddings This includes all the rituals we will be using, except for the fact that Miles and I were not "introduced" by a matchmaker.

If you are more inclined to read a book, pick up The Jewish Way In Love And Marriage by Maurice Lamm, available in any Jewish bookstore.

So you'd rather have the fruit plate?

After eating 422 mini egg rolls, 56 fruit kabobs, the equivalent of 18 chickens, and witnessing 99 simchas, we've finally selected a caterer.

It's Prestige Caterers and our point man is Phil Goldenberg. We got the official "OK" from Rabbi Yosef Katz and Rabbi Daniel Wasserman. If you want to check out the hashgacha for yourself, their number is 212-348-2350. Remember to ask for Phil Goldenberg.

It could lead to mixed dancing...

Other recently wedded couples who have a mix of observance levels in their families and social circles can sympathize with this dilemma. After much contemplation, we have decided to have mixed dancing during dessert. For those of you who are concerned/curious there will probably some tall plant-like objects on the dance floor (and I don't mean the guests) to act as mechitzah for separate dancing.

Update 1/25/98

We've got a band - The Greg Wall band. Greg Wall is also in Hasidic New Wave .

And on a related note:

The following is a list of songs I positively refuse to have played during the reception:

  1. YMCA
  2. Electric Slide
  3. Macarena
  4. Chicken Dance
  5. Hot, Hot, Hot
  6. Sunrise, Sunset
  7. Daddy's Little Girl
  8. We Are Family
  9. Hand's Up
  10. New York, New York
  11. Celebrate Good Times.

Come for dinner, stay for Shabbat.

Miles' aufruf will be held on June 20 at Congregation Ahavas Israel in Passaic, NJ. We are making plans for our guests who will need Shabbat hospitality on Friday night. For those who don't, we have reserved a block of rooms at the Raddison. Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch will be at the synagogue. All women are advised to start warming their pitching arms. The women's sections is somewhat far away from the bimah.

Is Valerie going to change her name?

Possible permutations of her name could be:

  1. Valerie Rotter Levin
  2. Valerie Rotter (booo)
  3. Valerie Ann Rotter Levin (yes….her middle name is Ann.)
  4. Queen Valerie
  5. Your Highness
  6. Boss
  7. Valerie Ann Levin (my favorite)
But with possible initials of V.A.L* (Valerie Ann Levin) how could we do anything but change her name from Rotter to Levin. The initials work out too well.

I must say V.A.R.L. just sounds too much like a southerner trying to pronounce Val’s name.... that or maybe an Irishman’s pronunciation.

So the answer is choice 7

*Rabbi Wasserman deserves credit for being the first one to discover this…….twice.


Please email all questions, comments, complaints, and advice to Valerie's mother

All well wishes can be sent to



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