Gittle is wearing a T-shirt  "I spent 39.5 weeks in a cramped space & all I get is this lousy t-shirt". Rami, is demonstrating how little space they had.


one too many nights in the hospital

This is what led to the above picture.

This is Val and Avraham, on day 2.

Gittle is on the left wearing the pink hat. ( But you shouldn't always assume we are correctly color coding)

Avraham has the mean looking face on the right. Although he looks bigger then Gittle, the girl actually weighs more.

Day 2 or 3 in the hospital




The beautiful baby girl is wearing the hat, and our boy  is on Valerie's right.                        (Above pictures by

The girl's weight was 7 pounds, 6 oz

The boy's weight was 6 pounds 15 oz 


Just minutes after delivery

The "before" picture  - pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen